Saturday, May 31, 2008

My First quilt

As a gift rather than the one that I first made, pics and a yarn about that are yet to come – have to say now that I am making them myself, what a wonderful thing it is to have someone spend so time effort and in this case LOVE – Thanks MUM. I am sure she knew that I would treasure this as I do, thanks were said and it is a real treasure today.

The dark blue at the bottom of the photo is the back of 'Hectic Eclectic' ...

I was living in Brisbane at the time, and after my mother saw the bed that I had she decided on the log cabin quilt that I should have, Mum really had a great colour eye and could see the big picture - I have several others and will take photos for here at another time. I think it sparked my interest at the time and remember thinking then that I would like to do this, then thought well how girlie..

Bronwyn – you are so right, I don't think that this is girlie at all. I like it – and the process produces wonderful results that I and others who receive the gifts.

It was not long after I found the exit to the closet that was my world - remembering too quietly burn it after I found the exit ( ok ok - there was nothing quiet about the burning). Life events and career kind of took over and I put the quilting interest to the back of my mind. - think doof doof boom boom...

The log cabin quilt is now about 15 - 16 (don't really want to count the years) and starting to be a little worn in places, so I am using it less and less.

Thanks for reading - aka Bloke

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

gasp - Early 80's van fabric...

I warned you – the van is great, but let me tell you the curtains and cushions were past their prime a good many years before it was Leigh's. There is nothing nice about Brown open weave and beige with brown plastic hooks that are half broken.

It is now a very different place to be as they have all been replaced and have lovely silver plastic eyelets.

This was really my first venture into the world of sewing in the middle of last year, whilst away at Pambula on an annual holiday with the family.

I will post a few new pictures after the June long weekend as we are heading away for that weekend with the van.

Just begin

Gals and friends,

Well have been badgered (encouraged) to begin this – it is a bit like starting a Quilt really, it will never finish and it will never be seen if not started.

So here we go – what is it that started this process... It was my partners Caravan... if you had of seen the cushions and curtains well you would have had a fit... so borrowed a machine off a friend and sorted all of that out.

I have to grab some pictures and post them - that will be a task for the weekend.

Here is a preview of the Hexagon project. The estimate at this point is that there will be at least 1054 pieces - have done most of the flower centres.. and begun to join them.

Daylight will mean a better time for photos - of this and the other 3 projects completed and well – almost completed.