Sunday, September 11, 2011

A short post - we had a little rain

Been under the whether a little the last couple of days. Little dose of a cold... more frustrating than serious.

Have laid low the last couple of days and didn't get the camera out for our Sunday visit to the block, was a lovely day even tho it wouldn't make its mind up as to rain or shine. We lit the Stove in the shed and received visitors.

The previous owners of the property came up to show us what was were. Very nice process as the place was fire affected.

BUT we have our own water... not sure how much but some all the same.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let it rain, PLEASE

We finished the construction  and the plumbing, tidied up and presto! We now have a tank on a stand. Now all we need is to have a little rain so that we can plan to get a water pump connected and plumbed to a sink for a little running water.

Got the mower up around the base of the dam and into the 'swampy' area... only bogged the mower once although was touch and go a couple of times. Lost the drive belt for the blades and learnt how to fix that on my own. Whilst I know help would have been at hand if I asked it was nice to do on my own.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Silly ebay post....

Really now - only want brand new rocks with no wear and tear, just as well we don't want postage as well.

Item specifics
Used: An item that has been used previously. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully ... Read more
Honeycomb garden rocks. In good used condition.

This auction is for the rocks pictured.
Additional rocks are available at no extra cost to the buyer (if you need them!)

Inspections welcome - contact 0402 xxx xxx - pick up only from Lilydale, VIC 3140

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Progress towards some water..

This morning was a lovely but chilly start to the day. Just love the big blue sky and low clouds or fog if you are in the valley...

The last couple of weekends have been searching for and locating a tank and getting the mighty mower moving again.

Success on both fronts - tank from ebay and about $150 less than most retail prices, the stumps, concrete and re-claimed hardwood for the stand a couple of hundred. Now on the hunt for pipes and plumbing - we did find a length of polly pipe on a hard rubbish collection so will need a little more to complete that - then there is a water pump. That can wait a little as we have no water...

Today we had Leigh and father helping to build the stand in the stump holes we started last weekend when we delivered the tank, my house mates also come and joined us to assist.

The stumps almost done, deceptive that they are square is all in the angle of the photo...
Lumples even had a go on the mower...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our little piece of Paradise

Well time is up! I can now spill the beans - regular readers will be aware we often spent many weekends up at Taggery, and many times over the years discussed that we would like our very own piece of the place there.

Well... now we do... which will mean only one thing - we will now spend a great many more there.

Friday 12th we settled and took possession of the 'keys' to the shed. The property has been bushfire affected and once had a home. The previous owners held on for a while but decided that there time was to be elsewhere - we want to thank them for the opportunity to be the next custodians.

We had our first day yesterday up at 'Our Place', very nice to say that... mowing and walking over every inch of the place and touching to I guess take ownership in a hands on way.

We now have the fun and enjoyment of working out the next plans to add to the place, where and what to plant - connecting electricity, getting some water on via a tank and other comforts as time comes to hand.

The view towards 'The Cathedral'

Yours truly having a break from mowing...

Leigh with the mower...

Victor on the trailer coming home for repairs...
The shed will have to be our base for a time until we decide what is the next steps and save a whole lot more to afford to build a little house.

We will be mixing this up with my sewing,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life ~ Labermese, sewing and secrets

It has been a while, then life does take turns of occupying you and taking over. Many things happening here in aka land.

There is a certain work project that I have been focused on for more than a good number of years that is now in transition to operational status, I have been mostly working from home as there is an 8 hr timezone difference. This has meant that the past few weeks have been hectic and busier than I care for. I sense that this has peeked now and that I will be able to attend to normal life very soon.

Labermese - OK I am sure that has you! as a youngster I grew up with many animals, cats, dogs, rabbits, mice and I am sure there were others that came and went.

The latest member of the non-human variety is a cross in personality - a Labrador and a Burmese... In reality he is a Burmese... but the behaviour is telling me otherwise. I have a cat that thinks that all food is his and he should have it now... and that sitting on your feet when you are standing is a good idea - even to try whilst you are walking. Just as well we have no elderly folks around the house.

Was trying to get a photo - but would not keep still this morning!

I have been doing a some sewing not nearly as much as I would like, completed 5 Sunday squares - that is now 500 1 1/2 inch pieces. I am most pleased about that. The circle game is at the finished stage for the blocks... and now having the joiners done 10 so that I can assemble the top.

Secrets ~ well they are secret so I can not say, but will be able to spill the beans in another 10 or 11 days, suffice to say that it is a new long term project that Leigh and I have been planning for and working towards.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello Blog

Dear Blog,

I have not forgotten you - and will dig up photos of completed blocks of the month.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Squares - 3

Hope we all have had a lovely Sunday ~ little blast of winter today even so we had a nice day out visiting friends in the country. Fine food, good company and a little cutting of squares for the next group - I have not completed the 100 squares so I might not get to Sunday Squares 4 next week.

Not the normal table for the photo so I think it looks a little different in the photo. I knew that we wouldn't be home in time for photo in daylight when I like to take the pictures.

This is a detail within the showing a little scrap of 'From little things' found last weekend.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Block 11 - and a little applique

Ahhhh - Saturday, don't know about you all but I am living for the weekends at the moment. Strange thing about them is they seam to take forever to come, but arrive in a blink then ~ whoosh they are gone!

Anyway ~ it is an early start today, sitting here with the little man on my lap, have done and hung the first load of washing on the line and completed a row on the 3rd block for Squares... you may be lucky and get the third instalment tomorrow as I have done 6 rows of the 10.

I have for your viewing pleasure today ~ Block 11 of the Circle game.

I had to applique the centre circle into this because as much as I measured, checked - then measured etc, it didn't work to plan A. It was interesting as I thought this would be a walk in the park... easy... then that is the fun of this project to challenge my sewing skills.

I think the simple answer was that I was just that tiny little out when sewing, which stretched the angles and made the centre a little too large.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Squares - 2

Happy sunday one and all, here are some pics of the new block. I have block 3 ready to go and will most likely do that once I have attended to 'The Circle game' blocks that arrived this week.

I went to AmitiƩ yesterday for a little fabric addiction therapy, found about 10 more pieces from the extensive scraps bin that will go into the Squares project ~ after all you can never have too many different fabrics in this kind of quilt. I even found and purchased 4 meters of Liberty for the back of 'The Circle Game' ~ well pleased with that as well.

So without further rambling... some fabric candy for you all!

Block 2

Blocks 1 and 2 together..

Back for 'The Circle Game'

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Let there be light!

I have a hobby light from the Daylight company which give a good amount of light for the evenings so I can sit and vegetate with the idiot box and my favourite project of the day. Unfortunately the globe went to G O D.

You would think that it would be an easy thing to resolve anyway it took a bit of effort and contacting the Daylight company to find someone who could sell me a globe... arrived yesterday in the post along with my monthly dose of BOM.

So I have light and additional project all in the same day... so what to do the apron that is well abandoned or the BOM or squares? hmm

Squares win tonight as I can not be bothered with the machine and I am a bit tired to draw templates for the BOM - for your image today another angle of Squares from the weekend, I am onto the next group of squares 5 rows so that should be ready for the weekend.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Squares

I am pleased with how this is beginning to take shape. So far I am not sure of the final quilt so until then I will make some more of these.

This is 10 rows of 10, you will see my iphone for a size comparison. I do like the scale and am pleased that I didn't go for 1 inch squares.

NOTE: this is all hand stitched not machine pieced..

When taking the photos I noticed that I had this one here on the camera - forgotten that I took it on our last weekend in March to Taggerty.

The morning mist was wonderful.

We have a very helpful little fellow at home ~ Alakazam is learning how to do the dishes, that is when he is not stalking Miss Tigga...

Thought that I would try a video....

Hope you all have a lovely week...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Saturday

It is starting to get a chill in the air in the mornings and the days are getting a bit shorter with the mornings all up the creek with light as DST is making the perceived time all screwy.

Had a good week and completed some more squares for the new project - 250 of them or 10% of the total for those technically minded.

Statistics 2500 1 1/2 inch squares - and as I do about 12 stitches to the inch with some back stitching, that 200,000 stitches and we should have a top done.

I have even joined some - 40 to date, you will just have to deal with the teaser as I can not be bothered this morning getting out of a warm bed!

Photograph colour is awful, as the photo was with the light on...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Blocks Nine and Ten

Back on the game, the circle one at that as well....

Now up to date ~ I have even started on the next Long term project... think that I will have to cut a few more out before a couple of pics - doing the Squares so far have cut 104 1 1/2 inch all from scrap. You may have to wait until I have at least 300 before pic's but that shouldn't be too long as this 100 was an afternoon anyway.

Block nine was a lot more fun than block eight...

I was not sure about the orange ~ then should trust this pattern... it is not about one piece of fabric it is about it all..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Block Eight - success!

I found after I un-picked this that the easiest technique for making was to make two groups of 3, sets - then join though the middle like the instructions for block one.

There are some puffy bits on a couple of the "leaves" however - blind man would be happy, and they will disappear with quilting.

Most pleased now I can attend to block nine and we have the latest block just arrived - just as well I waited as the fabric fairy put in one of the pieces that is used in that block - mwah to you!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Growing boy

Vet today ~ vaccinations and a little weigh in.. 2.45kg that is .55 more in one month and only 20 weeks old.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sewing absence

Not sure why - but having a blockage on sewing at the moment, must be the work stuff that is not leaving me in a good space to sew... but we are now at the end of the month and the post a few days ago is the limit of the sewing for the month... not good that I have not finished the months blocks, at least I have put the boarders on all the others.

We took the van up to Taggerty for the weekend for some R&R, noice! One of the things that Leigh has been wanting to do is to have a smaller awning for when we are touring, the problem is that if you go to a manufacture or to a reseller they see caravan and charge the proverbial arm and leg. So the solution was wait and find something at a garage sale that would do.

So this was it, doesn't really provide more than shelter a the door so you don't get wet and can have a couple of chairs and a small table under cover.

We took a drive up to Mansfield on Saturday and then returned by a road from Booni Doon, turning left off the bridge as you return to Melbourne and following the road. This will take you all the way to the Eildon township. The drive follows the lake side for a good while before taking a sharp turn and heading into the mountains. Then follows the ridge line most of the way, there were many points where the views to the valleys and lake. Spectacular - really spectacular... just to think that this is only about 80% capacity.

We thought - here is the best place for a house ~ well the best place that you could see from the roadside.

Master Alakazam survived his first weekend of abandonment ~ my house mate said he was the life of the gathering that he had while we were away and that all who were here are now Cat fans.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ta-dah certificate of occupancy

Drum role - they are in and out of there new room and right now as I write this little Alakazam is zonked out and sleeping on Leigh. All that remains is a little paint - however as it is on the inside will have to evict the furry ones and keep them out until is at least touch dry, seeing as the blue on has a tan poor.

Cost - total was less than $150.00

Pleased as punch
He was not scared just busy busy
Master bossy boots...

The Circle Game - hmmm

Life is busy ~ work is nuts...

There are attention issues to very complicated sewing challenges... at least the little furry one is interested in chewing the camera, I had this mostly together and had to un-pick the whole thing - most interesting indeed.

Guess that I will have to bash the living daylights out of it and have another go!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kitty palace

I have wanted to build a kitty palace for the furry ones so they can sit and contemplate catching some Magpies, smell the breeze and generally get some extra stimulation.

So without much ado here is the frame and the deck of the mansion, sans the wire to contain them or method to ensure the draft and warmth is contained during the colder months. That is all for next weekend.

The entire structure so far is held on by tec-screws and being tightly wedged into the window frame. Total cost so far $109 - plus borrowed tools and nails etc from Leigh's father.

Of course ~ in case you forgot who for... yes that was the WHO ME - it wasn't me it! Look from Master Alakazam.

He did go from sleep to attack...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Navel gazing on a hot summers night..

It has been an interesting month adjusting to life with the little Alakazam who the other day weighed in at 1.9kg at the vets (when we could keep him still enough for the scales to register) during the booster shot for his vacations.

He finds all manor of games, in-fact life is just a game for him - we have had adventures a plenty in the bathroom from swimming in the 'little-porcelain' swimming pool. Bath time has been fun, the usual kitten behaviour of running the gauntlet of the edge of the bath not showing the slightest concern with the little dip ~ he has even jumped on my chest whilst in the bath, the old cotton real, square of cardboard - sox's, jocks (must put them in the clothes hamper). There really is so much to do - the bestest toy tho is Tigga...

Much to Tigga's delight the cleaning must get done, I use a Swifter floor broom out to sweep the house - that is the best game trying to ride the top of the broom, Tigga is pleased as he leaves her alone during that game.

I have finished with much difficulty cutting out the back-ground fabric, not that the drawing of the shapes or managing to ensure that I was economical with the fabric - no sir… the issue is that templates, pencils, scissors or in-fact anything that I am holding or using is a plaything to a baby burmese.

We are designing a cat run at the moment - to provide some outside time as they are both inside kitties - I will take some pics once we get this underway - but essentially the run will be about 1 meter wide, 2.5 wide and 1.7 high - nice timber deck with wire and a door via a window.


Sewing has been limited to preparing the background and finishing the block that came with the back ground. Considering another project a play on colour and make either a 1 inch square or 2 inches square quilt with all the scrap that I have left from my hexagon and last years BOM. Also certain that there will be some from this years BOM that will make there way into a like that.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Block Seven

Had a little fun yesterday with this, Master Alakazam thought that the plastic templates were toys and have some lovely little chewing marks on the corners I guess they only get used for one block so it doesn't really matter.

I have not had a kitten for such a long time and totally forgot how much fun they are ~ this one seems to think that all food and I mean ALL FOOD is his - such a proud little fellow when he took off with his half chicken neck.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tigga has given in...

Well, if at first you get pushed away ~ as a friendly little fellow you just have to keep trying and find a new approach.

See, if I hop up and have a snooze on the lounge with her, she will not get upset.

Then if you are really smart you wait until you hear the zzzzz and slink over even closer.

If you are really lucky you will get away with it...

Was lovely to see this today, Tigga even started to clean him a little which of course he loved.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Friends in the making

Well it has not taken long we are almost friends... and you know what - Miss Tigga doesn't have any say in the matter...

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy new year to one and all we have a new arrival in the house - meet Alakazam 
Any tips on photographing a Little active Blue Burmese boy full of the energy of life?