Friday, December 19, 2008

Secret sewing business

Last night had a hankering for some sewing and none quilting related... so I decided to pop down and join in one of the Thursday evening 'secret sewing' run by Jennifer Kingwell on most
Thursday evenings.
Time: Thurs 7.30pm – 10pm
Jan 15, 22, 29.
Feb 5, 19, 26.
Mar 5, 19.
April 2

Click here to download full class list

I had much fun making what may or may not become a Christmas gift... so I have decided to not say what it was – leave as an Auto post as the Secret Sewing Post for 25th December.

Thanks Jennifer – will try joining a class more often next year..


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tweek to the header


I have decided that after a bit of an absence from here that a new look was and is required... I really should be able to make this thing look a whole lot better and personalized without having to have a completely hosted solution at some other location.

What you see now is a section of my Hexagon project with the colours tweaked and distorted ~ just cause I can... Was kind of interesting attempting to align in with the rest of the template nothing that a little maths would not solve.

I hope that with a little magic and the wonders of a 3G network and a modern phone that I will be able to post whilst on Holidays this year. That is if Optus can maintain their F&^ked network.... that is another story tho relating to getting $650.00+ credit from them and an new phone from Apple.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Really - a post!!

Hello all....

I hope you have not given up on this space as I have been so busy with the rush to finish a Work project as well as settle into the new digs...

Well and truly settled in now and working on projects - even completed the XMAS quilt that I have been busy with - Photo to come later today as there will be enough light when I get home.

This was at the basting stage – was actually dark when I got home finally... so new photo tomorrow

Looking forward to the Christmas break - we are heading away with Leigh's new (to him) Caravan... so looking forward to having some photos of that to upload. Can you believe an old van (late 80s) that doesn't need new curtains - and the upholstery is in perfect condition - and only just a touch of Brown!!! Might have to make some new scatter cushions and a dedicated Quilt for the van...

Just a bit of a shame that the cushion classes are on week days... cough cough....