Monday, June 30, 2008

Hobo Bag Number 5

I call this one my turkey bag (mind you I don't think you would have any issues putting a medium sized Turkey in it) it is called such because it is now kicking around Turkey and was made with a 'Middle Eastern' feel with the fabric.

I am told that it gets comments everywhere.

Owner: Susan Walsh

Hobo Bag number 6

Had a great day on Saturday visited Amitie early as I was on a fabric mission, returned home and was faced with an Oil and filter change on the car and then for the creative part... Bag number 6!

I love making these bags – naturally I never keep them! This one has been posted to the new owner...
This project was about 3 hours on Saturday from start to finish. Not including the selection of fabric and what seams to be usual habit of missing the lining sashing or the handle fabric (was the handle this time). There is a problem with the pattern and the supply list, so had to raid the stash for the handle.

I also spent a bit more time on my Hexagon Project have now completed 2 rows, will add another photo of it when I get a chance to get a nice picture of it.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hexagons - 2 rows competed

Here is the latest picture of Hexagon's - I am finding it hard to photograph as it is very long and narrow at the moment so getting a true perspective is rather difficult. There are 9 flowers on one row and 8 plus 2 /1/2 size flowers to finish the ends.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Leigh's Quilt - Finished

It feels great to finish a project – I have already passed this on to Leigh and it was so nice to see the smile on his dial. I finished this at his place tonight – could hardly bring it home with me !!!

Here are some temp photos as I didn't have my camera with me and they never seam to be very good at night anyway. Will wait for the weekend to take some new pictures.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Leigh's Quilt

Well it is Leigh's Birthday today – Happy Birthday sweetie...

This is the quilt that will be getting lots of snuggles very soon.... bit of a shame that I didn't get to finish it in time for today. It is not really a bit surprise anyway as he has been watching it grow over the past months.

Only have a couple of rows to quilt and then off to visit Amitie for some binding at the weekend.

Update 18-06-08 – The pattern is called Nimble Thimble, I purchased this as a kit from Addicted to Fabric in Canberra and kind of expanded it as it was not a large quilt.

Bronwyn asks how did I do the image in the image – I combined the images in Photoshop. Not a very difficult task alas not one that is easy to explain here, contact me by email and we will see if there is a way we can show you how to do this.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Here is a bit of a teaser for the hexagons... some are joined, alas this project on hold for a short while while I finish a quilt that I have started at Christmas for Leigh.

The colour has been so much fun...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Queens birthday weekend

Well – that is the last official long weekend until the end of this year. What a shame we should have a lot more of them. They are good for the soul and general wellness.

As promised – some photos of the Van with nice fresh Curtains and seats... WOOT – no more yucky brown stuff. Have to admit that the green scatter cushions are just cheap ones from a $2 shop.. but the colour is good.

As close to the old photo as I could remember... even listened to the metal note to clear the table this time!

This is the reverse image – with my Hectic from Amitie some pillow cases and of course Leigh's hefalump guarding the van.

What did we do? well mostly nothing! some more nothing and then enjoyed the day out at the Alexandria Truck, Rod and Ute Show. Now for a little extra joy there was a quilt show on the side – what a combination!!! I have to look it up but there is a group that I think meets the 1st Saturday of every month, now to plan a few weekends so that this will fit into the plans.

Like this Quilt – am told it is rather traditional - this is in a bright colour way – quilt is by Corey Witlox from Alexandria Quilters group

NO need for the Husband chair (not that there is a real need for one as I am very lucky that my interests are well supported) as he could wander off looking at the big toys for a while. I was amazed just how many people were there, there were blocks and blocks of Trucks, Rods, Utes and a few cute guys to boot...

This doesn't even come close to the amount of people.

How Cute is this Yellow toy... and they say we spend heaps on our hobby!!

Love the colour – Orange is so strong


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Poor Angie

This is my little Angie - poor thing is now wandering around the house following my every step as she spent the day in hospital having an internal clean out – the less said the better!!

Vet says she will be all OK now, but I should watch her. What I would like to know which one is using the litter - NO please you don't need to tell me thanks...


Update 5-6-08 - Angie is much better today, and everything seams to be moving in the right departments..... :)