Saturday, July 3, 2010

Green Tea - the Backing

After much ado attempting to correct the wayward behavior of the Pin Thief (we think this is a lost cause). The sewer of the house has managed to finally finish Green Tea and Sweet Beans.

If our whether would be a little kinder in the next day or so I will take a bigger picture and post. I spent a couple of hours examining 67% of the available stock - no was not that bad but always a lot of fun to go this or that or maybe this..

Here is the selection to-date .. now to decide if the Spots are in the center or the Flowers are in the center or if I will change my mind completely.

~ Update - Thanks for the note Andi, I was not that clear I am planning to use both of the fabrics. Whist you are correct that it was a lot of work, in the end as it was measured and delivered as a BOM it was not that overwhelming. I am looking forward to the next one...