Friday, September 19, 2008

The Liberty fairy has visited...

What a blessing, to be visited by the Liberty fairy, there is more than enough here for me to back the Hexagon quilt that I am addicted to! In fact there should be enough to make some pillow-cases as well.. what a delightful combination it will be.

This was exactly what I was hoping to use! the warmth and scale of the fabric – not to mention the quality and feel... will be a perfect match for the rest of the project.

Thank you my Liberty fairy! I am totally gob-smacked!! and overwhelmed!!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Half of Row 8

Hey guys – I have had a lot of fun this evening reading some blogs, if you haven't had a laugh in a while... or need a reality check on your own normality. I would suggest that you read some of the wonderful links off my links...

Miss Angie

Miss Tigga

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dear Dancing with Frogs

I was at AmitiĆ© on Saturday – just for a little dose of Fabric, I managed to find some wonderful Anna Maria Horner fabric which will become the cushions for some chairs that I brought last week – That is another story all together and another blog...

Photo - Anna Maria Horner with thanks.

I had the pleasure of meeting Dancing With Frogs – who made wonderful comments about the my Hexagon project (Just started the 8th row today – OK actually finished half the row, it is the in between one which is easier). I think that Ms Frog was concerned about the number of stitches and pieces that are in the quilt. It is indeed a large number, however they are only one at a time, and yes it is addictive. Never let the numbers or the stats stop you from making one of these wonderful quilts.

On another note I am attempting to deal with my Hexagon Addiction... I have started a quilt for a lovely young lady – Leighs sister Heather it is even the beginning of knocking off the Christmas list of tasks and gifts. The Pattern is Darling Buds.

This is the stash – cut and ready for sewing...