Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Photos

Not much to say this evening ~ the photos can do the chatting...

This shows the binding and backing ~ love the Liberty!

Some more detail and introducing the other project recently finished for Bill!

Flying in the breeze at least this one will clear the ground!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hexagons finished!

Hexagon project completed – the Liberty fairy tells me that it was 21st November @ 6.30 pm!

Lovely and healthy 195 cm x 223 cm, that large that I could not fully suspend the quilt from the clothes line!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Binding frenzy

Hello all - been missing in work land over the past couple of months, but have been steady on the Triangles and binding for Hexagons! about to turn the second last corner on the quilt and may get that completed this weekend.

Planning some pictures over the weekend as we are away over the mountains at Taggerty with the Van - will be great to get away for the first weekend of the season.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Toy

Those who have been used to posts including lovely glossy picture of projects and events that I have been enjoying - sorry I still have to replace the camera since the house was broken into.

Anyway - got myself a new toy as I am going to start to bind the hexagon Quilt very soon as it completed (minus the binding) - I even have to take some pictures of a new quilt that I have completed in my blogging absence. Not to mention the many block of the months that I have also been working on - busy busy...

I used this over the weekend and was amazed at the ease in sewing the binding on!! ponders the thought of leaving on for ever as it is my new best friend. I have a kit to do from Red Mama - and an idea of for a Simon design for my scraps and lots another solid colour - not sure just yet.

I must add that I have borrowed the image from Bernina - the foot is the presser foot number 50.

strange contacts

I think it is interesting to get a strange 'hello' message out of the blue. When these come from people who you don't trust and are known to tell a message that is convenient to themselves and their 'truths'.

It is even stranger when these are from sources that should be under no illusion that they are no longer respected as there actions proved that they were not worthy of acknowledging in fact worth crossing the street to avoid them. Even stranger is that there are clear indications that you have (edited - deleted them from your own list of contacts) been deleted from a contact list, yet they engage on a fishing expedition for Intel, or some such thing to boost there ego - or maybe even continue the great tradition of being a bully...

My truth is that I was able to say hello, without the need to share my true thoughts and opinions – and yes I know that I have many of these. I guess that I know my faults are many, I live with these and try to manage on a daily basis – those of others should be best left to them...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Well! I'll be buggered!!

NOO!! don't be rude!!

I didn't think that I had a 1/4 inch foot! not sure why ~ actually maybe to read the manual could be a good idea... now where did I put that!

This is going to make life a whole lot easier!!!

PS 21 Hexagon flowers quilted as there was a Pattern Malfunction with a new project!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hexagons - Basted

I have been wanting to post that I have finally finished the top of my Hexagon Flower garden quilt!! But thought that you would not believe me unless there were some photos as well.

It has taken about 15 months to get to this stage, now this should not put anyone off making one, it was really not 'all' about this quilt, I finished 1 other, made 2 from scratch and several bags during this period. Not to mention the mother of all projects at the office pushing systems with the team to a global level... but we don't talk about the 'W' word here!!!

I am still not sure about how to quilt this ~ inside the center and outside the flower block or outside center and outside the flower block etc - I know I will use Perl 12, but gosh what colour, multi or all the same... That can all wait a little..

I do hope that the next block of the month turns up soon as I need a new hand project ~ and yes there is at least 2 others on the drawing board at the moment aside from the block of the month from Amitié "Green Tea & Sweet Beans."

So - here are a couple of photos!!

Some of you may remember the back of this one ~ the Liberty Fairy who visited for my birthday last year..

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poor Angie - what a week

Well there has not been a lot of progress on the Hexagons the past week was mostly consumed with dealing with a small member of the household who was suffering sever constipation.

Angie had this problem last year which when we dealt with it then was straight forward and resolved in a couple of days. This time things were very different - she had the procedure to resolve the - ummm blockage, but for some reason just didn't bounce back.

I took her back to the vet after a couple of days as she was not eating or drinking - and starting to suffer for that, so we were to use a syringe to force some food and fluid ~ now let me be clear here, forcing anything down even the most compliant cat is a challenge. Doing this to one who is going down hill rapidly was very stressful for both cat and owner.

Angie ended up back in care at the vet on Monday and was placed on a drip, given a strong dose of an Anti-biotic and force feed. Some 28 hours later when I returned to collect her she was eating on her own and not looking like some half staved and emaciated waif.

I will take a pic of the stylish new hair cut for here - heheh she won't mind that much. :)

Nice to have the head-buts this morning and stereo purring in bed last night... Back to sewing during the week, or at least tracing and cutting out... think I have cut 8 (seven per group) new flowers and about 50 or the backgrounds that leaves about 80~90 left to cut up.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hexagons Update

I completed another row last night, that makes a total of 13 rows by 9 rows. We now have a measure - of about 90" x 71" inches or 230 x 180 cm. Did a trial run on the bed to see the effect, who wouldn't!!!

Photo - from file and to be replaced

Was both exciting and disappointing at the same time, it really looks fabulous and will have to wait for some daylight to take a photograph - the disappointment is that I now have to add another row to the shorter of the sizes This will extend the width (which is actually the length) to about 82".

Whilst I am still enjoying this project and find it very rewarding I have decided that there are no new projects until I have the top finished at the least. This means about 181 more Hexagons to cut out and sew to really finish.

I will be a happy to put down and start something else before basting and quilting as that is another process altogether and will need some careful planning and much procrastination.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Completed Coin Quilt

Hiya all,

I finished this over the weekend and as usual had fun with the photography. I must get the older camera sorted that takes much higher quality photos.

The pictures don't do it justice... maybe some more when it is washed and about to be delivered to the new owner...

Hanging from the Dinning room window...

Yes there was a change in plan for the binding... alas I could not bring myself to plain!!! We don't do plain!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shock horror!!! 60,000 kids on the train!

Hello fellow bloggers,

Can you imagine the horror of the morning ~ arriving at Ringwood East station to be confronted with 60 000, students all attempting to board the train (my personal train at that) for the daily drudge to the office. OK just a normal days trip to the office and there may have been less than 60 000 students on the platform.

Well, you may ask was this the horror trip from hell? I was pleasantly surprised that it was an enjoyable trip, as enjoyable as a commute to the office can be anyway. There were Connex staff on the platform!!! Surely that must have been due to advise from the School not good fortune that Connex was aware of things happening on their network.

I would like to congratulate the Students and Staff for their conduct this morning, well mannered and polite young men and women. It was a nice surprise, equally it is a pleasure to commend their behavior, as it is important for them to be aware they have conducted themselves in a manor which is considerate to the community. ~ which school you may ask?

Yarra Valley Grammar!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Binding indecision

I finished quilting the Nareda's Coin Quilt a couple of weekends ago and am very happy with the result. I have quilted this one more extensively than any other that I have done. The lines are about 2 inches apart excluding the Coins which are done about 1/8th of an inch from the seam.

Almost the same angle but night shot.

This shows the two fabrics on the back...

I did choose a binding fabric which I like but am not so sure about with the actual quilt now that it is trimmed to the edges. So the fabric will either be added to the stash (which is fine as I really like it anyway) or just used. Besides it is a good excuse (as if one really needs one) to visit a fabric shop.

I am using the time to be busy with Hexagons - finished the 12th row at the weekend and have been a little beaver marking up and cutting out the next batch to make what should be the final row - yes a commitment to the width - now to be decisive with the length of the quilt, will I add 2 or 4 more single hexagons... why is this so hard to stop!!!!

Maybe that I have another 2 projects that I want to start that may help to focus that decision. One is a Wonky star quilt using some Silk fabic that I was given by Nareda and the other is a kit that I got on sale at Amitié.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

hmmm do I need these?

Laser helps you get straight cuts in paper and fabric

No I have not purchased

Okay, so we're not quite at the point in the future where everyone has their own flying car and, possibly more disappointing, we don't have personal laser cutting instruments. But judging by the way people drive while still on the ground, we're probably not ready for flying cars or laser cutting instruments for that matter. Still, a geek has to dream about such things, right?

For now we will go with these Laser Guided Scissors, that will at least help you make some straight cuts. The built-in Laser helps you get straight cuts in paper and fabric, whether gift wrapping or working on a project at home or in the office.

  • For making accurate straight cuts in paper and fabric
  • Ideal for gift wrapping, craftwork, assembly, scrapbooking, photos
  • Push button will turn red laser on/off
  • Length: 8.25" (21 cm)
  • Blade length: 3.5" (9 cm)
  • Takes 2 LR44 button cell batteries (included)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nareda's Coin Quilt - Ready to quilt

Have to say that I am surprised that this project has gone as quickly as it has – now I could understand it if I had the trusty sewing machine going and was zipping it together with that - alas I had a sewing disaster and decided that it was the machine - not the operator (we all know that is wrong) so I hand sewed this Quilt top. I started sewing this just over 2 weeks ago and have now completed the top and joined the backing as well.

The size is 72 inches x 76 inches.

In this photo it is only just 'blog' ready. was missing the boarders and a row - but I think you will get the picture of what it is - yes I am very pleased with the result.

So it is off to get the wadding and the binding fabric during the week... and back to Hexagons...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Some Wonky Stars for the Victoian Bushfires

If you are looking as I was follow this link,...

In my last post I mentioned that I was looking for a project to assist with... this is what I have found. Camp Follower Bags and Quilts has started a project. So I ducked out to get some backing material and here is the result.

These will be in the post on Monday morning for the Alice...

There is a great tutorial for this found here ....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victorian Fires

The appalling lost of life, property and habitats from the tragic Victorian fires have left me rather numb! I expect that I am not alone with these feelings and as such been trying to find within some sense of this. I had been thinking about how to post about this and if I really should. As there is an abundance of images online of the tragedy which has ended so many lives early will continue to cause upheaval and distress to countless others.

The conclusion was it can do no harm and maybe it will touch someone ~ that is all that is required and possibly help me to process this tragic event.

Whilst I am not aware of anyone close to myself or immediate family and circle of friends that have lost loved ones or their worldly possessions. I do and can understand this loss from personal family experience.. There is something about other disaster events that do not in my estimation come close however the result is the same.

Cyclone Tracy - My parents lost all there possessions and a 10 day old house, I was with my Grandparents in Canberra and answered the phone a couple of times (which was rather strange as we didn't have one at home) only to have the caller hang up as I was not making much sense to them. Finally ~ Grandfather beat me to the phone ~ it was news that they were desperate for that my parents and youngest brother were alive and without any injuries.

The reality check is that we lost our loved pets and our belongings and although there were tremendous danger and we knew a people who lost a child - we were lucky and life continued, we even went back a few years after.

There is the untold damage which is not measurable, that is our emotions. This I think had a large effect on our Christmas's and possibly still affects my Father. I was discussing the fires with him and his comments to me were obvious that events of this nature will have a profound and long term effect on those people who are directly effected.

I am also keeping my ear to the ground to see if there is another more practical project that I can assist with, I will put a post about it here when I find it.

In the meantime my heart goes out to all affected and you are in my prayers.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nareda's Coin Quilt - Ready to sew

Not withstanding the fact that Melbourne had the hottest day (CBD was 46.4º C - and much hotter in the burbs where I live easily add a degree or two) since they began recording and keeping records. NOW fellow bloggers and readers ~ this could just be a normal spike in the weather pattern and not the end of the world... alas that is a story and yarn for other places and experts.

Bright and colourful of cause ~ masses of Liberty fabric... 26 different fabrics... hmmm might see about some more from the stash...
ALL of that aside I have managed to plan and draw the quilt in Illustrator to same size then cut out all the Coins and White backgrounds. There are even some nice scraps for the Hexagon Quilt that is now going to get bigger...

I have reserved 73 inches of the white for the rails and boarder. You can also see the pattern, which I have recorded the details of how much is required to make the top. To date there are 90 coloured pieces cut and 86 white pieces cut... in all I need 86/85 respectively. So there are a few extras.

In the supper sized world we live in this is for a single bed - but should have a finished size of 75x72 inches...


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nareda's Coin Quilt

Well here is the beginning, fabric is purchased and have selected a pattern that I will make. I am amazed that a pile of fabric like this will turn into something that is a wonder to wrap yourself in!!

This is a collection of Fat 16ths selected with Nareda on a mission to Amitie just before the Australia day weekend ~ they are arranged as a fan (ok kinda) the white is the background is more a clotted cream than pure white, the other large pink flowers will be the backing. Really don't know how I am going to be able to contain myself and do a plain binding as I have been asked!! gasp!!

Yes there is a fair amount of Liberty in the stash!
Another-coin-quilt is the insperation and design idea that I will attempt. Not particularly hard as a project. But different to all the others that I have done ~ except that there is no such thing as too many colours!

Thank you Nettie for permission to use your photo

If we don't have a 43º weekend I may even start this weekend.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Is this about Quilting or Caravaning?

It seams to be a good question, well actually I like to think it is about many things that I enjoy to do! It is summer after all and the height of Holidays and any excuse to get away from the city.

I promise that the next post will be some sewing projects ~ after all Hexigons are now on the 1oth row!! One more and I will put aside to make another by machine.

Walking home with supplies, the General store is a real gem we found some fantastic local olive oil...
These are some pics of our last weekend away ~ Australia Day weekend... what is does it mean to me to have a national day to celebrate our nation. Well it doesn't get much simpler than to head away and spend some time in the van with Leigh...

Both vans from a distance...
This year was a treat!! We were visited by a dear friend, one of the few who I have has known me since my very early teens. That is more time ago than I care to remember.!

We headed up to Taggerty together with Leigh and his family... Didn't do much except to relax and generally have fun in the outdoors.

We saw the Australia day Parade in Marysville on the way home ~ would like to say we planned it but alas it was really just chance. What a tremendous sense of community spirit they have...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Effalump visits Gundagai

As you can see our favorite Friend and faithful travel (not with Sun Glasses) companion is once again with us ~ this time he was visiting the 'Tucker Box'. This was on day two of our recent trip to Canberra and Southern New South Wales.

He does have many uses! travel mascot is just one of them...

Here is the traveler again ~ this time as an escort to his little cousins!!


Monday, January 12, 2009

Holidays ~ but a distant memory!!

Updated Pics...
Well they are over! done and dusted! Have to report that it was a wonderful time this year sharing time with Loved ones family and some touring with the van. We spent Christmas day in Melbourne with Leigh's family then on boxing day we took off for a quick 10 days away to visit my Dad and his partner Jan.
There was a question from Anon ~ Yes Christmas was most enjoyable and a memorable day...
Day One: we left Melbourne and wound our way up via Yea to Seymore then traveled to Holbrook. Where we over-nighted - lovely little park. and most inexpensive - they take will give an RACV discount if you are looking for a better price on the already cheap price.

Days Two to Five: Canberra, was great to spend some time in Canberra with Dad and Jan, as Canberra is a regular haunt on our travels we didn't do that much, earned our lodging by doing some weeding for them... We did have a nice little picnic down at Cotter Mouth dam and a drive to Tiddbinbilla Tracking station. It has been a long time since I was down that way I couldn't believe how far south the Canberra sprawl has gone... Wonder if it would be easier to commute to Cooma than Canberra City!!

Day Six: Canberra to Oberon ~ we left early and drove to Goulburn, as usual Lake George was a dust bowl! We had a bit of a snack and a break in the park after stopping for a photo at the big Merino. Next was the run up via what is going to be in my opinion a very popular tourist drive in the near future, The Tablelands Way

See the link from Google Maps... was a great run. We stopped for lunch at Taralga a lovely little town (in desperate need of a little caravan park) easy driving and most scenic the only point that was a little tricky for us towing a caravan was the run out of the Abercrombie Gorge.

We stayed at

View Larger Map
Day Seven: New years Day ~ We got going as early as was reasonable for New Years day and drove the short but winding road down to Jenolan Caves. Now I had not seen them since I was a little tacker - have to say they were not a disappointment. Just check out the website and you will see for yourself.

Leigh had never seen a cave like this and was suitably impressed. After this I wanted to show he a quick glimpse of the Blue Mountains proper so we drove across to Katoomba for a late lunch. Of cause we didn't get to see much as it was tourist central being New Years Day ~ enough for Leigh to decide that we would like to pay a return visit in the future.

Day Eight:
Cootamundra ~ After a lazy start to the day we headed down off the Tablelands to Bathurst for some much needed GAS (LPG).

We headed to Carcool for a cuppa then had lunch on the river at Corwra.

We thought these signs were fun...

Where are the horses...

This is a basic and nice little park ~ green lawns, clean facilities and close to the main shopping part of town so we were able to stay hooked up to head off earlier the next morning. There is no Website for this park however the contact details are available from Visit NSW see link below.

Day Nine: Towcumal ~ This was the longest run of the trip and mostly an easy day even tho it was a bigger distance than we like to do in a day. There is not much to say about the Newell Hwy. Much prefer the run across from Bathurst a bit more work and harder driving, slowing to conditions solves that problem.

Day Ten: Home ~ not much to write about getting home! except that we didn't really want to come home. We were enjoying the touring and life on the road...