Sunday, October 25, 2009

New Toy

Those who have been used to posts including lovely glossy picture of projects and events that I have been enjoying - sorry I still have to replace the camera since the house was broken into.

Anyway - got myself a new toy as I am going to start to bind the hexagon Quilt very soon as it completed (minus the binding) - I even have to take some pictures of a new quilt that I have completed in my blogging absence. Not to mention the many block of the months that I have also been working on - busy busy...

I used this over the weekend and was amazed at the ease in sewing the binding on!! ponders the thought of leaving on for ever as it is my new best friend. I have a kit to do from Red Mama - and an idea of for a Simon design for my scraps and lots another solid colour - not sure just yet.

I must add that I have borrowed the image from Bernina - the foot is the presser foot number 50.

strange contacts

I think it is interesting to get a strange 'hello' message out of the blue. When these come from people who you don't trust and are known to tell a message that is convenient to themselves and their 'truths'.

It is even stranger when these are from sources that should be under no illusion that they are no longer respected as there actions proved that they were not worthy of acknowledging in fact worth crossing the street to avoid them. Even stranger is that there are clear indications that you have (edited - deleted them from your own list of contacts) been deleted from a contact list, yet they engage on a fishing expedition for Intel, or some such thing to boost there ego - or maybe even continue the great tradition of being a bully...

My truth is that I was able to say hello, without the need to share my true thoughts and opinions – and yes I know that I have many of these. I guess that I know my faults are many, I live with these and try to manage on a daily basis – those of others should be best left to them...