Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hexagons - Basted

I have been wanting to post that I have finally finished the top of my Hexagon Flower garden quilt!! But thought that you would not believe me unless there were some photos as well.

It has taken about 15 months to get to this stage, now this should not put anyone off making one, it was really not 'all' about this quilt, I finished 1 other, made 2 from scratch and several bags during this period. Not to mention the mother of all projects at the office pushing systems with the team to a global level... but we don't talk about the 'W' word here!!!

I am still not sure about how to quilt this ~ inside the center and outside the flower block or outside center and outside the flower block etc - I know I will use Perl 12, but gosh what colour, multi or all the same... That can all wait a little..

I do hope that the next block of the month turns up soon as I need a new hand project ~ and yes there is at least 2 others on the drawing board at the moment aside from the block of the month from AmitiƩ "Green Tea & Sweet Beans."

So - here are a couple of photos!!

Some of you may remember the back of this one ~ the Liberty Fairy who visited for my birthday last year..