Monday, October 11, 2010

October - Block Two and Three

Have had a bit of a sewing blockage and not really been doing very much ~ don't ask about the apron as I am sure someone will remind me soon enough. I have no idea where the year is running to at the moment either... but

Anyway I did enjoy the BOM this month even if JK is evil with the one on the right!!! Circles in Circles of a circle with squares!

Leigh and I have been going to a few Orchid shows of late and picked up a couple of these, some in flower others with 'promise' of maybe flowering if we neglect them the right way next year.

I have had the one below for about 10 years now it has been potted once. Sometimes watered, weeded when the onion grass is annoying ~ so here is the result - every year without fail so far it is covered in white flowers. Will post as soon as they come out which will not be that long.

Sunday was a lovely day in Melbourne! one not to be waisted and we didn't! We took a run up to Taggerty to see some friends and had a lovely picnic on the way home on the Black Spur.