Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend workshop - Updated

Well a little more than a weekend - I booked a day of annual leave so that I could join in on the 2 day workshop. Exploring the textural concepts and stitching with all manor of fibers.

Head is still spinning about the possibilities, to couch, coral, Double triple doozy stitch. Where can I 'steal' I mean acquire more interesting threads and fabrics in quantities that are one not going to break the bank or two be so much that I will not ever us it all.

I think I will be getting some occasional packages from Sue directly, I hear that there is a store in Melbourne that may make some notion packs to get some interesting items as well...

Does the collective blog-land know of any good simple and easy to understand tutorials of stitches? of the online variety of course. If so please post a comment so that we can share them all.

Results - nothing like the depth that Sue Spargo does, however that does take some time. I think this will be a nice little sideline project to add to other projects in-between some of the larger quilting activities.

Many thanks Sue, the gals in the class and the team at Amitie for making this well worth undertaking.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Magnolias and a small sewing problem

Happy Sunday - After the expected dismal efforts of the major parties this weekend. There is a chance that this maybe a positive outcome for the election - so long as Mr Rabbit is kept in his burrow, I thought that I would try a positive blog.

I am always encouraged by this time of the year when we have our Magnolias in flower. There is something about the clarity and colour of the blooms against the winter sky.

~ I didn't notice the mower boy...

Now for the sewing issue!

Anyone - can you see the problem! I do hate cutting fabric on the bias - never really works for me... next time I will do it at a shop so that I don't stuff it...

I am joining in for a class with Sue Spargo at AmitiƩ next Friday and Saturday - here is the homework... done... Tick to me.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Well it is amazing what a few days away will do - pics speak for themselves I think.