Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Squares - 3

Hope we all have had a lovely Sunday ~ little blast of winter today even so we had a nice day out visiting friends in the country. Fine food, good company and a little cutting of squares for the next group - I have not completed the 100 squares so I might not get to Sunday Squares 4 next week.

Not the normal table for the photo so I think it looks a little different in the photo. I knew that we wouldn't be home in time for photo in daylight when I like to take the pictures.

This is a detail within the showing a little scrap of 'From little things' found last weekend.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Block 11 - and a little applique

Ahhhh - Saturday, don't know about you all but I am living for the weekends at the moment. Strange thing about them is they seam to take forever to come, but arrive in a blink then ~ whoosh they are gone!

Anyway ~ it is an early start today, sitting here with the little man on my lap, have done and hung the first load of washing on the line and completed a row on the 3rd block for Squares... you may be lucky and get the third instalment tomorrow as I have done 6 rows of the 10.

I have for your viewing pleasure today ~ Block 11 of the Circle game.

I had to applique the centre circle into this because as much as I measured, checked - then measured etc, it didn't work to plan A. It was interesting as I thought this would be a walk in the park... easy... then that is the fun of this project to challenge my sewing skills.

I think the simple answer was that I was just that tiny little out when sewing, which stretched the angles and made the centre a little too large.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Squares - 2

Happy sunday one and all, here are some pics of the new block. I have block 3 ready to go and will most likely do that once I have attended to 'The Circle game' blocks that arrived this week.

I went to AmitiƩ yesterday for a little fabric addiction therapy, found about 10 more pieces from the extensive scraps bin that will go into the Squares project ~ after all you can never have too many different fabrics in this kind of quilt. I even found and purchased 4 meters of Liberty for the back of 'The Circle Game' ~ well pleased with that as well.

So without further rambling... some fabric candy for you all!

Block 2

Blocks 1 and 2 together..

Back for 'The Circle Game'