Sunday, August 28, 2011

Progress towards some water..

This morning was a lovely but chilly start to the day. Just love the big blue sky and low clouds or fog if you are in the valley...

The last couple of weekends have been searching for and locating a tank and getting the mighty mower moving again.

Success on both fronts - tank from ebay and about $150 less than most retail prices, the stumps, concrete and re-claimed hardwood for the stand a couple of hundred. Now on the hunt for pipes and plumbing - we did find a length of polly pipe on a hard rubbish collection so will need a little more to complete that - then there is a water pump. That can wait a little as we have no water...

Today we had Leigh and father helping to build the stand in the stump holes we started last weekend when we delivered the tank, my house mates also come and joined us to assist.

The stumps almost done, deceptive that they are square is all in the angle of the photo...
Lumples even had a go on the mower...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our little piece of Paradise

Well time is up! I can now spill the beans - regular readers will be aware we often spent many weekends up at Taggery, and many times over the years discussed that we would like our very own piece of the place there.

Well... now we do... which will mean only one thing - we will now spend a great many more there.

Friday 12th we settled and took possession of the 'keys' to the shed. The property has been bushfire affected and once had a home. The previous owners held on for a while but decided that there time was to be elsewhere - we want to thank them for the opportunity to be the next custodians.

We had our first day yesterday up at 'Our Place', very nice to say that... mowing and walking over every inch of the place and touching to I guess take ownership in a hands on way.

We now have the fun and enjoyment of working out the next plans to add to the place, where and what to plant - connecting electricity, getting some water on via a tank and other comforts as time comes to hand.

The view towards 'The Cathedral'

Yours truly having a break from mowing...

Leigh with the mower...

Victor on the trailer coming home for repairs...
The shed will have to be our base for a time until we decide what is the next steps and save a whole lot more to afford to build a little house.

We will be mixing this up with my sewing,

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life ~ Labermese, sewing and secrets

It has been a while, then life does take turns of occupying you and taking over. Many things happening here in aka land.

There is a certain work project that I have been focused on for more than a good number of years that is now in transition to operational status, I have been mostly working from home as there is an 8 hr timezone difference. This has meant that the past few weeks have been hectic and busier than I care for. I sense that this has peeked now and that I will be able to attend to normal life very soon.

Labermese - OK I am sure that has you! as a youngster I grew up with many animals, cats, dogs, rabbits, mice and I am sure there were others that came and went.

The latest member of the non-human variety is a cross in personality - a Labrador and a Burmese... In reality he is a Burmese... but the behaviour is telling me otherwise. I have a cat that thinks that all food is his and he should have it now... and that sitting on your feet when you are standing is a good idea - even to try whilst you are walking. Just as well we have no elderly folks around the house.

Was trying to get a photo - but would not keep still this morning!

I have been doing a some sewing not nearly as much as I would like, completed 5 Sunday squares - that is now 500 1 1/2 inch pieces. I am most pleased about that. The circle game is at the finished stage for the blocks... and now having the joiners done 10 so that I can assemble the top.

Secrets ~ well they are secret so I can not say, but will be able to spill the beans in another 10 or 11 days, suffice to say that it is a new long term project that Leigh and I have been planning for and working towards.