Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poor Angie - what a week

Well there has not been a lot of progress on the Hexagons the past week was mostly consumed with dealing with a small member of the household who was suffering sever constipation.

Angie had this problem last year which when we dealt with it then was straight forward and resolved in a couple of days. This time things were very different - she had the procedure to resolve the - ummm blockage, but for some reason just didn't bounce back.

I took her back to the vet after a couple of days as she was not eating or drinking - and starting to suffer for that, so we were to use a syringe to force some food and fluid ~ now let me be clear here, forcing anything down even the most compliant cat is a challenge. Doing this to one who is going down hill rapidly was very stressful for both cat and owner.

Angie ended up back in care at the vet on Monday and was placed on a drip, given a strong dose of an Anti-biotic and force feed. Some 28 hours later when I returned to collect her she was eating on her own and not looking like some half staved and emaciated waif.

I will take a pic of the stylish new hair cut for here - heheh she won't mind that much. :)

Nice to have the head-buts this morning and stereo purring in bed last night... Back to sewing during the week, or at least tracing and cutting out... think I have cut 8 (seven per group) new flowers and about 50 or the backgrounds that leaves about 80~90 left to cut up.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hexagons Update

I completed another row last night, that makes a total of 13 rows by 9 rows. We now have a measure - of about 90" x 71" inches or 230 x 180 cm. Did a trial run on the bed to see the effect, who wouldn't!!!

Photo - from file and to be replaced

Was both exciting and disappointing at the same time, it really looks fabulous and will have to wait for some daylight to take a photograph - the disappointment is that I now have to add another row to the shorter of the sizes This will extend the width (which is actually the length) to about 82".

Whilst I am still enjoying this project and find it very rewarding I have decided that there are no new projects until I have the top finished at the least. This means about 181 more Hexagons to cut out and sew to really finish.

I will be a happy to put down and start something else before basting and quilting as that is another process altogether and will need some careful planning and much procrastination.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Completed Coin Quilt

Hiya all,

I finished this over the weekend and as usual had fun with the photography. I must get the older camera sorted that takes much higher quality photos.

The pictures don't do it justice... maybe some more when it is washed and about to be delivered to the new owner...

Hanging from the Dinning room window...

Yes there was a change in plan for the binding... alas I could not bring myself to plain!!! We don't do plain!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shock horror!!! 60,000 kids on the train!

Hello fellow bloggers,

Can you imagine the horror of the morning ~ arriving at Ringwood East station to be confronted with 60 000, students all attempting to board the train (my personal train at that) for the daily drudge to the office. OK just a normal days trip to the office and there may have been less than 60 000 students on the platform.

Well, you may ask was this the horror trip from hell? I was pleasantly surprised that it was an enjoyable trip, as enjoyable as a commute to the office can be anyway. There were Connex staff on the platform!!! Surely that must have been due to advise from the School not good fortune that Connex was aware of things happening on their network.

I would like to congratulate the Students and Staff for their conduct this morning, well mannered and polite young men and women. It was a nice surprise, equally it is a pleasure to commend their behavior, as it is important for them to be aware they have conducted themselves in a manor which is considerate to the community. ~ which school you may ask?

Yarra Valley Grammar!