Monday, July 15, 2013

Are any of the Walls home?

We we all know of the phone prank that ends with the punch line - Then whats holding your roof up!

So we didn't order ready made walls - simply the costs of our time v the costs of buying the frames and basic material costs didn't stack up. So we are making ourselves doing it saves up to 2/3 thirds the cost of the frames.

So far we have completed about 24 metres of walls. Sunday was not the best day of the year to stand and work very cold and blustery day we sideways wind. It must have been snowing somewhere close as the rain was very icy.

We now have the van home and are heading away for a couple of weeks. We all do deserve the break, to recharge the batteries for a bit.

Following photos are not the best - was last min before heading home, it miserable and cold.

Looking this way at the house is the main bedroom with its 2700 wide window and door to the deck and the back landing and door.

The default view that I have been taking..

Looking through our window to the second bedroom, the views are going to be stunning.