Monday, June 30, 2008

Hobo Bag number 6

Had a great day on Saturday visited Amitie early as I was on a fabric mission, returned home and was faced with an Oil and filter change on the car and then for the creative part... Bag number 6!

I love making these bags – naturally I never keep them! This one has been posted to the new owner...
This project was about 3 hours on Saturday from start to finish. Not including the selection of fabric and what seams to be usual habit of missing the lining sashing or the handle fabric (was the handle this time). There is a problem with the pattern and the supply list, so had to raid the stash for the handle.

I also spent a bit more time on my Hexagon Project have now completed 2 rows, will add another photo of it when I get a chance to get a nice picture of it.


Louise said...

Great to see you on Saturday. Lucky you have a stash to dip into - it looks fantastic. I am so impressed you can shop, work on the car and sew all in one day - brilliant!!

Simon - aka Bloke said...

Well - all in a day's work... must have a chat with you soon about an apron that I would like to attempt – have the fabric. In need of some stimulation.