Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My first toy - updated

Introducing – Albert!

This was a bit of a challenge – then what is life without a challenge, I am looking forward to the next pattern. This is the first soft toy I have made! The pattern is from Audrey and Maude and was not as easy to follow as I was expecting either that or was being a dunce. Not that it matters – next ones will be much easier to assemble.

I have been told that I need a Turtle as the next Softie
- Tail optional

Brownyn – the scones were so yummy, Leigh is going to add a little more 'Orange' for the next batch. Most likely some zest of the orange.


Louise said...

Well done Simon! You must let me know what you found hard about making it as these are meant to be for beginner sewers. Cathy designed Edward and I'm sure she would love the feedback. My daughter wants to know what his name is? He's very cute!!

Cathy said...

Hello Simon - wow your little Edward looks wonderful - well done on making your first soft toy - warning they are very addictive. So sorry that you found it a little difficult - are you able to tell me which bit!

I would love to know the name of your new elephant too! Is he going to get a playmate?

Simon - aka Bloke said...


The official naming will happen this evening - the oracle (Leigh's mother) will do the honors. There are plans for some siblings - and maybe some distant cousins... need a Turtle - I hear that you are also making a Dachshund! that is a must for my father as he has one.

I have sent you more information and some suggestions via email.

It maybe that I am still learning technique or that I am a dunce and need to be able to read.

Bronwyn said...

Love the look of your scones; adding zest is a great idea! Your Eley is super cute - what is going to be your next quilt patter?

Simon - aka Bloke said...

The next quilt pattern apart from Hexagon's is one for a XMAS gift called 'Darling Buds' or something like that.

I Have the fabric and must start to cut it all out soon. I will post progress photos as I start for this one as it will be the first as a complete project since I started blogging.


faz said...

Your scones look delish!! I could do one with right now hehe

Anonymous said...

Hello Simon this is the oracle, Albert and Alice look great now about that turtle................

Anonymous said...

Bye the way the oracle and her partner would love some of those scones one day not that there is many to go around after Simon gets them