Monday, January 12, 2009

Holidays ~ but a distant memory!!

Updated Pics...
Well they are over! done and dusted! Have to report that it was a wonderful time this year sharing time with Loved ones family and some touring with the van. We spent Christmas day in Melbourne with Leigh's family then on boxing day we took off for a quick 10 days away to visit my Dad and his partner Jan.
There was a question from Anon ~ Yes Christmas was most enjoyable and a memorable day...
Day One: we left Melbourne and wound our way up via Yea to Seymore then traveled to Holbrook. Where we over-nighted - lovely little park. and most inexpensive - they take will give an RACV discount if you are looking for a better price on the already cheap price.

Days Two to Five: Canberra, was great to spend some time in Canberra with Dad and Jan, as Canberra is a regular haunt on our travels we didn't do that much, earned our lodging by doing some weeding for them... We did have a nice little picnic down at Cotter Mouth dam and a drive to Tiddbinbilla Tracking station. It has been a long time since I was down that way I couldn't believe how far south the Canberra sprawl has gone... Wonder if it would be easier to commute to Cooma than Canberra City!!

Day Six: Canberra to Oberon ~ we left early and drove to Goulburn, as usual Lake George was a dust bowl! We had a bit of a snack and a break in the park after stopping for a photo at the big Merino. Next was the run up via what is going to be in my opinion a very popular tourist drive in the near future, The Tablelands Way

See the link from Google Maps... was a great run. We stopped for lunch at Taralga a lovely little town (in desperate need of a little caravan park) easy driving and most scenic the only point that was a little tricky for us towing a caravan was the run out of the Abercrombie Gorge.

We stayed at

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Day Seven: New years Day ~ We got going as early as was reasonable for New Years day and drove the short but winding road down to Jenolan Caves. Now I had not seen them since I was a little tacker - have to say they were not a disappointment. Just check out the website and you will see for yourself.

Leigh had never seen a cave like this and was suitably impressed. After this I wanted to show he a quick glimpse of the Blue Mountains proper so we drove across to Katoomba for a late lunch. Of cause we didn't get to see much as it was tourist central being New Years Day ~ enough for Leigh to decide that we would like to pay a return visit in the future.

Day Eight:
Cootamundra ~ After a lazy start to the day we headed down off the Tablelands to Bathurst for some much needed GAS (LPG).

We headed to Carcool for a cuppa then had lunch on the river at Corwra.

We thought these signs were fun...

Where are the horses...

This is a basic and nice little park ~ green lawns, clean facilities and close to the main shopping part of town so we were able to stay hooked up to head off earlier the next morning. There is no Website for this park however the contact details are available from Visit NSW see link below.

Day Nine: Towcumal ~ This was the longest run of the trip and mostly an easy day even tho it was a bigger distance than we like to do in a day. There is not much to say about the Newell Hwy. Much prefer the run across from Bathurst a bit more work and harder driving, slowing to conditions solves that problem.

Day Ten: Home ~ not much to write about getting home! except that we didn't really want to come home. We were enjoying the touring and life on the road...



Serena said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time Simon !!

Anonymous said...

did you have a nice christmas day

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing the photos but where is the one of eff on the tuckerbox.

mamma said...

I am glad you had a wonderful holiday, how are the hexagons going?