Sunday, August 22, 2010

Magnolias and a small sewing problem

Happy Sunday - After the expected dismal efforts of the major parties this weekend. There is a chance that this maybe a positive outcome for the election - so long as Mr Rabbit is kept in his burrow, I thought that I would try a positive blog.

I am always encouraged by this time of the year when we have our Magnolias in flower. There is something about the clarity and colour of the blooms against the winter sky.

~ I didn't notice the mower boy...

Now for the sewing issue!

Anyone - can you see the problem! I do hate cutting fabric on the bias - never really works for me... next time I will do it at a shop so that I don't stuff it...

I am joining in for a class with Sue Spargo at AmitiƩ next Friday and Saturday - here is the homework... done... Tick to me.

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Frogdancer said...

Looks like raindrops.