Monday, December 13, 2010

Goings on...

Been very busy over the past couple of months, mostly was nothing that I was not expecting with a conclusion of a major project at work.

However the past week has had some goings on or not goings on which are a little less pleasing. My poor little Angie is not doing well again and is costing a small ransom in vets fees. But when you see them suffering you have to do something, to a degree so long as we are not causing harm or prolonging suffering the cost is secondary.

Here she is recovering from her 'procedure' last week. I promise you that you do not want to know more. Things are not moving the right direction at the moment even tho she is not losing too much weight (I am having to fee her with a syringe ~ most trying I can attest to).

Tomorrow off for some x-rays and some more tests so fingers crossed.

Now we just need her start eating and pooping on her own and we will be OK again for now at least.

In other news, not a tremendous amount of sewing I am keeping up with block of the month and have finished 4, 5 and 6 just need to take some photos and post them soon. Might even see if I can get some secret stuff done for Christmas.

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