Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life ~ Labermese, sewing and secrets

It has been a while, then life does take turns of occupying you and taking over. Many things happening here in aka land.

There is a certain work project that I have been focused on for more than a good number of years that is now in transition to operational status, I have been mostly working from home as there is an 8 hr timezone difference. This has meant that the past few weeks have been hectic and busier than I care for. I sense that this has peeked now and that I will be able to attend to normal life very soon.

Labermese - OK I am sure that has you! as a youngster I grew up with many animals, cats, dogs, rabbits, mice and I am sure there were others that came and went.

The latest member of the non-human variety is a cross in personality - a Labrador and a Burmese... In reality he is a Burmese... but the behaviour is telling me otherwise. I have a cat that thinks that all food is his and he should have it now... and that sitting on your feet when you are standing is a good idea - even to try whilst you are walking. Just as well we have no elderly folks around the house.

Was trying to get a photo - but would not keep still this morning!

I have been doing a some sewing not nearly as much as I would like, completed 5 Sunday squares - that is now 500 1 1/2 inch pieces. I am most pleased about that. The circle game is at the finished stage for the blocks... and now having the joiners done 10 so that I can assemble the top.

Secrets ~ well they are secret so I can not say, but will be able to spill the beans in another 10 or 11 days, suffice to say that it is a new long term project that Leigh and I have been planning for and working towards.


Thimbleanna said...

Ooooh, those blocks look yummy. I love the b&w polkies with all the the bright colored fabrics. Hmmm. A secret?

Mtts said...

Simon: So good to see you post, can associate with BUSY!!! A cat with crossed personalities - I like that! We have 3 new kitties at our place but they won't come near me, just sit afar and watch while I put food and fresh water out for them, wish they would consent to use getting to know each other better. Just 6 more days before I hit the blue skies - cannot wait. Will post once I am there and hopefully with lots of photos. Hugs to you both as well as the two kitties.
Love the blocks, 500 1 1/2" pieces, well done. Love the circles too, have never attempted those. Good luck on the next new project, can't wait to hear the Secrets.