Sunday, June 16, 2013

2 Years on from contract

In the 2 years since we signed the contract to buy our place in the country we have achieved more than I expected. Especially since we are doing everything we can to construct, build, connect and develop before calling on trades for items that require special certificates.

Since we broke ground before the Australia day weekend, we have now completed the subfloor and the floor including all insulation. We now have quotes out for the frames and trusses. So depending on costs and estimated timeframes for supply we are well on track to get to the next inspection stage, and then a roof!

You never know we may be there by the 2nd anniversary of settlement.

I love the late afternoon light we get on a cool winters day, in this pic we only had the small row on the edge. What was not fun was the ice we had to clear off before we could start the days work.

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