Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Walls are now home...

Today we completed the external walls of the house as the pic below will illustrate, it was a little dark for photography so not the best looking pic.

I really didn't think that we would get the final wall up this weekend and was quite prepared to attempt that next weekend. I did think it would be left at this stage. Assembled and waiting to be man-handled up into position.

We had a bit of a grin and bare it moment, and calculated if there was enough time to raise and secure the wall before losing all light and ending up in the dark whilst packing up... I can tell you that is never any fun and something we attempt to avoid at all costs.

Anyway here is the Pic of the state of play, next weekend we will make some internal walls, maybe insert some noggins and begin tieing down to the subfloor structure.

Sewing adventures.

My squares are going along nicely - I am making sashing at the moment in neutrals, greys and mono chromatic fabrics - of course left overs from many other quilts, with the extras from the stash club at AmitiƩ. If I can find some time with natural daylight I will take a pic of the planned next steps.

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