Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tweek to the header


I have decided that after a bit of an absence from here that a new look was and is required... I really should be able to make this thing look a whole lot better and personalized without having to have a completely hosted solution at some other location.

What you see now is a section of my Hexagon project with the colours tweaked and distorted ~ just cause I can... Was kind of interesting attempting to align in with the rest of the template nothing that a little maths would not solve.

I hope that with a little magic and the wonders of a 3G network and a modern phone that I will be able to post whilst on Holidays this year. That is if Optus can maintain their F&^ked network.... that is another story tho relating to getting $650.00+ credit from them and an new phone from Apple.


1 comment:

fi said...

love the new banner! cant wait to hear the story:))