Monday, April 27, 2009

Binding indecision

I finished quilting the Nareda's Coin Quilt a couple of weekends ago and am very happy with the result. I have quilted this one more extensively than any other that I have done. The lines are about 2 inches apart excluding the Coins which are done about 1/8th of an inch from the seam.

Almost the same angle but night shot.

This shows the two fabrics on the back...

I did choose a binding fabric which I like but am not so sure about with the actual quilt now that it is trimmed to the edges. So the fabric will either be added to the stash (which is fine as I really like it anyway) or just used. Besides it is a good excuse (as if one really needs one) to visit a fabric shop.

I am using the time to be busy with Hexagons - finished the 12th row at the weekend and have been a little beaver marking up and cutting out the next batch to make what should be the final row - yes a commitment to the width - now to be decisive with the length of the quilt, will I add 2 or 4 more single hexagons... why is this so hard to stop!!!!

Maybe that I have another 2 projects that I want to start that may help to focus that decision. One is a Wonky star quilt using some Silk fabic that I was given by Nareda and the other is a kit that I got on sale at AmitiƩ.


Bernadette said...

The quilt is just gorgeous and I love the crosshatching on it. I really really love that fabric on the back with the pink, do you know what range it is?

nettie said...

it looks really great simon! i always struggle with the binding too.

Bronwyn said...

Fabulous! - feels good doesn't it to get to the end of such a big project.

jacquie said...

hi simon,
you asked about the redwork on my wonderland garden quilt. the redwork is embroidery done in red thread. the redwork on this quilt are flowers. the detail pictures are in a link on the post so you can see them close up. thanks so much for coming by for a visit!

Doina said...

Your quilt is beautiful!