Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shock horror!!! 60,000 kids on the train!

Hello fellow bloggers,

Can you imagine the horror of the morning ~ arriving at Ringwood East station to be confronted with 60 000, students all attempting to board the train (my personal train at that) for the daily drudge to the office. OK just a normal days trip to the office and there may have been less than 60 000 students on the platform.

Well, you may ask was this the horror trip from hell? I was pleasantly surprised that it was an enjoyable trip, as enjoyable as a commute to the office can be anyway. There were Connex staff on the platform!!! Surely that must have been due to advise from the School not good fortune that Connex was aware of things happening on their network.

I would like to congratulate the Students and Staff for their conduct this morning, well mannered and polite young men and women. It was a nice surprise, equally it is a pleasure to commend their behavior, as it is important for them to be aware they have conducted themselves in a manor which is considerate to the community. ~ which school you may ask?

Yarra Valley Grammar!



Frogdancer said...

You should send an email/call the school.

Schools love hearing good things about their students!

Simon - aka Bloke said...

I have done that already!

Cathy said...

As a mum of two teenage boys, it's lovely to hear positive comments about other kids in their age group, instead of the usual criticism!