Saturday, January 8, 2011

Block Seven

Had a little fun yesterday with this, Master Alakazam thought that the plastic templates were toys and have some lovely little chewing marks on the corners I guess they only get used for one block so it doesn't really matter.

I have not had a kitten for such a long time and totally forgot how much fun they are ~ this one seems to think that all food and I mean ALL FOOD is his - such a proud little fellow when he took off with his half chicken neck.


Brenda said...

You make me want a kitten again but I don't think my girls would play nicely!

mamma said...

It is amazing what patience can do isn't it.

Lynne said...

Hi Simon, just googling Amitie BOM looking for something else and found your blog. Are you on flickr? There are a efw of us quilting along together on that one which is quite fun. Go to:
Coincidentally we also have Burmese - we had a lilac but sadly lost him on the road so I am coveting your beautiful new one. Also feeling very sorry for the loss of your brown - we have a big brown boy and a little chocolate girl. The three were called Ned Nederlander, Dusty Bottoms and Lucky day - do those names ring any bells with you?!

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I love this one too.