Sunday, January 30, 2011

Navel gazing on a hot summers night..

It has been an interesting month adjusting to life with the little Alakazam who the other day weighed in at 1.9kg at the vets (when we could keep him still enough for the scales to register) during the booster shot for his vacations.

He finds all manor of games, in-fact life is just a game for him - we have had adventures a plenty in the bathroom from swimming in the 'little-porcelain' swimming pool. Bath time has been fun, the usual kitten behaviour of running the gauntlet of the edge of the bath not showing the slightest concern with the little dip ~ he has even jumped on my chest whilst in the bath, the old cotton real, square of cardboard - sox's, jocks (must put them in the clothes hamper). There really is so much to do - the bestest toy tho is Tigga...

Much to Tigga's delight the cleaning must get done, I use a Swifter floor broom out to sweep the house - that is the best game trying to ride the top of the broom, Tigga is pleased as he leaves her alone during that game.

I have finished with much difficulty cutting out the back-ground fabric, not that the drawing of the shapes or managing to ensure that I was economical with the fabric - no sir… the issue is that templates, pencils, scissors or in-fact anything that I am holding or using is a plaything to a baby burmese.

We are designing a cat run at the moment - to provide some outside time as they are both inside kitties - I will take some pics once we get this underway - but essentially the run will be about 1 meter wide, 2.5 wide and 1.7 high - nice timber deck with wire and a door via a window.


Sewing has been limited to preparing the background and finishing the block that came with the back ground. Considering another project a play on colour and make either a 1 inch square or 2 inches square quilt with all the scrap that I have left from my hexagon and last years BOM. Also certain that there will be some from this years BOM that will make there way into a like that.


Serena said...

wow.. a one inch square quilt... that will be amazing!!


Simon - aka Bloke said...

Serena - could be just stupid... but would look fantastic