Monday, February 28, 2011

Sewing absence

Not sure why - but having a blockage on sewing at the moment, must be the work stuff that is not leaving me in a good space to sew... but we are now at the end of the month and the post a few days ago is the limit of the sewing for the month... not good that I have not finished the months blocks, at least I have put the boarders on all the others.

We took the van up to Taggerty for the weekend for some R&R, noice! One of the things that Leigh has been wanting to do is to have a smaller awning for when we are touring, the problem is that if you go to a manufacture or to a reseller they see caravan and charge the proverbial arm and leg. So the solution was wait and find something at a garage sale that would do.

So this was it, doesn't really provide more than shelter a the door so you don't get wet and can have a couple of chairs and a small table under cover.

We took a drive up to Mansfield on Saturday and then returned by a road from Booni Doon, turning left off the bridge as you return to Melbourne and following the road. This will take you all the way to the Eildon township. The drive follows the lake side for a good while before taking a sharp turn and heading into the mountains. Then follows the ridge line most of the way, there were many points where the views to the valleys and lake. Spectacular - really spectacular... just to think that this is only about 80% capacity.

We thought - here is the best place for a house ~ well the best place that you could see from the roadside.

Master Alakazam survived his first weekend of abandonment ~ my house mate said he was the life of the gathering that he had while we were away and that all who were here are now Cat fans.

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