Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Growing boy

Vet today ~ vaccinations and a little weigh in.. 2.45kg that is .55 more in one month and only 20 weeks old.


a very fine house said...

Those two are adorable.

bagladyfromthebay said...

Simon: Luv Alakazam and Tigga - their so adoreable, and I am following their progress right along with you.

You mentioned the awning for the caravan - well we had same problem some years ago and solved it nicely we took strips of velcro and glued these to the top strip of the caravans roof - bought tarp from the local hardward and added hook and loop to it and voilla - an awning that suited us and the size of the caravan and cost was minimal, just a little labor - some time to wait for the glues to dry - oh and we attached those large grommets to the outside corners and drove huge spike nails into the tops of the 2 2X4's and it was so good we never ever did anything different. Hope this might give you an idea and save you tons of scheckles....

OH....love those new blocks too their wonderful.