Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogging absence

Gosh Bronwyn – your right I have been absent a while,

It has been a while since the last post.... well what has been happening. I have almost finished the top of the quilt that I am making for a Christmas gift. Hour or so and I will be able to assemble.. best get a crack on with it.

The distraction has been moving home... After many many months of traveling from Yarraville to Ringwood I finally jumped and moved closer to Leigh. Most of the move was without much hassle for a do it yourself job... only one item that was damaged legs on my sideboard which has always had a tenuous grip on life. Well ever since I have owned it at least!!! Not the end of the world as we will be able to repair without much drama.

Have some rental curtains that need some adjustment... they will just not slide open or closed! Ponders if I will discuss with landlord or just attend to the issue... bugger it... will fix it, and on the subject thinks that some new curtains in my bedroom will be required.

Homophobia - the fear of gays breaking in and rearranging the furniture!
As this is a rental I think it will not be an Amitié job as it is just too expensive for that... so Spotlight here I come... unless there are some other suggestions of good 'cheap' fabric shops in the outer east...

Take care and will be back soon with the a cushion adventures of the Anna Maria Horner fabric I have.


fi said...

welcome back my dear:) out this way spotlight is the best espes for curtains.Love to see a shot of the quilt!

Louise said...

Welcome back. Glad the move went ok. Ahh curtains - I have several of those to make before Christmas amongst all the other projects!

hardman said...

Hi Simon. Tristan here. Very long time no see. Would be great to catch up again. Drop me an email tristanbennett[^at^]