Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Poor Angie - what a week

Well there has not been a lot of progress on the Hexagons the past week was mostly consumed with dealing with a small member of the household who was suffering sever constipation.

Angie had this problem last year which when we dealt with it then was straight forward and resolved in a couple of days. This time things were very different - she had the procedure to resolve the - ummm blockage, but for some reason just didn't bounce back.

I took her back to the vet after a couple of days as she was not eating or drinking - and starting to suffer for that, so we were to use a syringe to force some food and fluid ~ now let me be clear here, forcing anything down even the most compliant cat is a challenge. Doing this to one who is going down hill rapidly was very stressful for both cat and owner.

Angie ended up back in care at the vet on Monday and was placed on a drip, given a strong dose of an Anti-biotic and force feed. Some 28 hours later when I returned to collect her she was eating on her own and not looking like some half staved and emaciated waif.

I will take a pic of the stylish new hair cut for here - heheh she won't mind that much. :)

Nice to have the head-buts this morning and stereo purring in bed last night... Back to sewing during the week, or at least tracing and cutting out... think I have cut 8 (seven per group) new flowers and about 50 or the backgrounds that leaves about 80~90 left to cut up.

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Bronwyn said...

Glad to hear Angie is feeling better - such a sweet face - my cat Sabrina and I love to do little head-butts too!