Monday, May 18, 2009

Hexagons Update

I completed another row last night, that makes a total of 13 rows by 9 rows. We now have a measure - of about 90" x 71" inches or 230 x 180 cm. Did a trial run on the bed to see the effect, who wouldn't!!!

Photo - from file and to be replaced

Was both exciting and disappointing at the same time, it really looks fabulous and will have to wait for some daylight to take a photograph - the disappointment is that I now have to add another row to the shorter of the sizes This will extend the width (which is actually the length) to about 82".

Whilst I am still enjoying this project and find it very rewarding I have decided that there are no new projects until I have the top finished at the least. This means about 181 more Hexagons to cut out and sew to really finish.

I will be a happy to put down and start something else before basting and quilting as that is another process altogether and will need some careful planning and much procrastination.


Frogdancer said...


craftapalooza said...

It does look fabulous!!! I'm not thinking about what happens AFTER all the hand piecing :) Thanks for your comment.

Marisa said...

Oh Mr. Quilt Bloke...I do love your blog so very much. I'll be back to read more. Hexagon quilt is awesomely beautiful.

Bronwyn said...

Man, that would do my head in!