Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nareda's Coin Quilt

Well here is the beginning, fabric is purchased and have selected a pattern that I will make. I am amazed that a pile of fabric like this will turn into something that is a wonder to wrap yourself in!!

This is a collection of Fat 16ths selected with Nareda on a mission to Amitie just before the Australia day weekend ~ they are arranged as a fan (ok kinda) the white is the background is more a clotted cream than pure white, the other large pink flowers will be the backing. Really don't know how I am going to be able to contain myself and do a plain binding as I have been asked!! gasp!!

Yes there is a fair amount of Liberty in the stash!
Another-coin-quilt is the insperation and design idea that I will attempt. Not particularly hard as a project. But different to all the others that I have done ~ except that there is no such thing as too many colours!

Thank you Nettie for permission to use your photo

If we don't have a 43ยบ weekend I may even start this weekend.


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Serena said...

I agree Simon.. every quilt needs lots of colours.. can't wait to see how this one progresses..