Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Victorian Fires

The appalling lost of life, property and habitats from the tragic Victorian fires have left me rather numb! I expect that I am not alone with these feelings and as such been trying to find within some sense of this. I had been thinking about how to post about this and if I really should. As there is an abundance of images online of the tragedy which has ended so many lives early will continue to cause upheaval and distress to countless others.

The conclusion was it can do no harm and maybe it will touch someone ~ that is all that is required and possibly help me to process this tragic event.

Whilst I am not aware of anyone close to myself or immediate family and circle of friends that have lost loved ones or their worldly possessions. I do and can understand this loss from personal family experience.. There is something about other disaster events that do not in my estimation come close however the result is the same.

Cyclone Tracy - My parents lost all there possessions and a 10 day old house, I was with my Grandparents in Canberra and answered the phone a couple of times (which was rather strange as we didn't have one at home) only to have the caller hang up as I was not making much sense to them. Finally ~ Grandfather beat me to the phone ~ it was news that they were desperate for that my parents and youngest brother were alive and without any injuries.

The reality check is that we lost our loved pets and our belongings and although there were tremendous danger and we knew a people who lost a child - we were lucky and life continued, we even went back a few years after.

There is the untold damage which is not measurable, that is our emotions. This I think had a large effect on our Christmas's and possibly still affects my Father. I was discussing the fires with him and his comments to me were obvious that events of this nature will have a profound and long term effect on those people who are directly effected.

I am also keeping my ear to the ground to see if there is another more practical project that I can assist with, I will put a post about it here when I find it.

In the meantime my heart goes out to all affected and you are in my prayers.